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    Its a great model! Very detailed, only problem is the light bar. Seems there is absolutely no pattern, the lights are simply all over the place.
    Great job! Really enjoying this addition. Just a little feedback though it would be neat if when someone has a warrant for there arrest you add out of what Dept. They are wanted out of.
    Pics looks great and im sure the models are as well but i hate these .oiv files. I had to reinstall the game after installing these vehicles. Please go back to the .ytd etc.. files
    Been looking for a pack like this! Thank you so much!
    Looks great! But i do have a problem when i have an LED type light bar vs the old school bubble light bar. The LED type light bar when going code3 the lighting of the light bar when turned on makes the games lighting extremely dark! the whole screen simply darkens. Any fix for this? please! thx in advanced.
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