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  1. SamualC0n

    [ELS]2004 LAPD Suburban Pack

    If you followed the instructions properly, the rotators would work.
  2. Can anyone help me? I've watched the installation video 10 times and I can't figure out why this is happening. I've used ELS and Sirenmastery before the update and it worked fine. Now sirenmastery won't work with ELS, it says "Sirenmastery is disabled for this model - active ELS VCF detected." Please can someone help me out?
  3. SamualC0n

    Los Santos Police pack

    Downloaded 6/13/18 No 16 FPIU in the pack.. I only have 2 13-15 FPIU with Valor, CVPI with Liberty, and 13-15 FPIU with Liberty...
  4. SamualC0n

    [ELS] Detective Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    Just my opinion working in emergency services.. take it or leave it because its your model, but I think any emergency vehicle (in real life or in a game) should have 360 degree lighting. Lights down low on the ground would be very hard to see in the real world... If you're making a vehicle to look like a real life emergency vehicle then you should make it more realistic. Again, my opinion.
    Overall nice model! Would suggest something more to the rear. The lights on the bottom of the front bumper are useless on a real emergency vehicle... They are way too low to be seen. I would suggest moving them into the grille area. It would make it 1000 times better and look more realistic. I would also add some side lighting as well.
  5. SamualC0n

    Small Town PD 2014 FPIU (ELS)

    Look in the extras folder...
  6. SamualC0n

    [ELS] Los Santos PD Mega Pack

    Lights need scaled down. WAY too big...