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  1. That's what i'm planning. When i fix my issues with pc i'll add cops on scene. Yeah, there shouldn't be any conflicts.
  2. Issue #1: You have to open file RagePluginHook.ini, delete it's contents and add following code: [Miscellaneous] IsDeveloperModeEnabled=True PluginTimeoutThreshold=10000 ConsoleKey=F4 AlwaysShowConsoleOutput=False IsDeveloperModeEnabled=False WarnOnPluginLoad=false ShowOnScreenWarnings=True Issue #2: Do you load them somehow? Like adding them to startup.rphs?
  3. Version 393 / 1.28 should work fine with LSPDFR.
  4. From what i know Ragehook doesn't use "scripts" folder. Do you use any mods besides LSPDFR and plugins for it? (callouts, police radio etc)
  5. I don't think so, but i can modify the script for you and make it more common and then send it to you. PM me if you me to send it to you
  6. I think there's a mod that adds gas station and shop robbery. There's a readme.txt in .rar file.
  7. Well, code of this mod doesn't change anything vehicles related so i don't know why. If i find any native or Ragehook or LSPDFR API function to find atm positions.
  8. I was thinking about that kind of callouts, maybe i'll add it. ;)
  9. By the way, do you think that these callouts are too rare? If you have for example 2 more callouts plugins (lets say 15 more callouts in total) it can really take a lot of time for this callouts to occur.
  10. Nice. In future robbers may spawn inside of the bank by randomization.
  11. Well, i don't think you can get inside the Pacific Standard but if the doors aren't closed by default maybe i'll add something like this. And thanks for reminding be those banks. :)
  12. Version 0.2.2


    Bank Callouts is a pack of bank robbery related callouts. So far it adds 3 new callouts inspired by GTA Online heists. These callouts are rare, so don't expect to see them very often. New Callouts: Fleeca Bank RobberyPacific Standard Bank RobberyBlaine County Savings Bank Robbery Planned Callouts/Features: Union DepositoryBlaine County Savings Bank [ADDED]Even more banks if i find anyAbility to take money back to the bank [ADDED]Add more randomizationRequirements: LSPDFR 0.2bRageHook 0.20Known Issues: Sometimes robbers have issues getting into the escape carHave fun!
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