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  1. Generally it is also wise to express credit to the original creator of the model + ask permission respectively for creating a texture.
  2. Technically he included a ripped copy of both the model and a non-authorized texture; arguably making this a festival of bullshiet
    Outstanding pack :D just an idea what about maybe a NC Highway Patrol set? I haven't seen a good one for LSPDFR yet [or at least not a really good one, there have been a few] but none that are compatible with the popular vehicle mods... :D?
    Beautiful Models beautiful PACKS in general Your packs rock and this isn't a but this is actually more of a request :D Something kinda neat that could be interesting long run speaking x'D - and perhaps make said layout pack in-line with ELS? Do you think you could make a master pack 1) LSPD Obviously - Sub Note/Request with this - Can you make Police 4 Highway Patrol textured & Police Bike make it nicer w/ highway patrol matching texture :D? 2) LSSD/BCSO [like with the variable textures] with a Pickup Truck or something along those lines so its not so selective in the choices 3) Fire/Rescue Pack with addon vehicles there 4) EMS Pack with addon vehicles there as well??
  3. Do you think you'll ever do an overhaul pack where it has LSSD, FBI, Police SAHP and every police vehicle overhauled to function 100% as beautifully as these do? For Instance Fire/Rescue & EMS Police [CITY] San Andreas Highway Patrol Los Santos Sheriffs Department / Livery Variations for Blaine County Sheriffs Office Federal Bureau of Investigations [FIB/FBI] Park/Forestry Ranger and have them all work together in sync in one basic download pack like your FIB/Sheriff?
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