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  1. Downloading updates hope it works.
  2. Yes, I am. I am downloading the patch so i will see if it makes it work.. Wish me luck Posts merged - Staff
  3. I also manually installed LCPDFR and that still didn't fix it and i ran it in administrator mode, so i really would like to fix this but i have not hope at this point
  4. This is what i did... I saw that my version was and i downloaded and i tried to launch it through GTAIV.exe and it says i am missing MSVCR110.dll. So i download MSVCR110.dll and it still doesn't work. and then i get another error that says FATAL ERROR: launch through LAUNCHGTAIV.exe and i do that but the version for that launcher is So i just might give up trying to fix this problem......
  5. I have reinstalled GTA IV and LCPD:FR 5 times and alt + p wont work.. Please help...
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