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    Dzanders24 reacted to tanu1215 in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    Anyone want to tell jokes to pass the time? I'll go first,
    Q: Why are white girls always in odd numbers?
    A: Cause they can't even.

    I'll be here all week.
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    Dzanders24 reacted to ineseri in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    I think the moral of the story is this; Take it easy, calm down and wait it out. Sooner or later It'll be released - No point in getting all worked up about it. Go for a walk, hug your family, visit grove street, do something other than spamming F5 on the forums! :)
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    Dzanders24 reacted to FtDLulz in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    ​Okay, here's your status update: 
    "Working on the mod."
    Seriously though, all they're doing now is giving the code a bit of a look over and probably fixing some small bugs here and there.
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    Dzanders24 reacted to Lundy in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    ​They aren't trying to stop the hype. They're trying to keep it under control. Some people just take this overboard and start complaining because they can't get what they want.
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    Dzanders24 reacted to FinKone in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    ... Kind of speechless that people are getting this demanding for something that is being pretty much created as a hobby result from a few very skilled coders.  We are looking at weeks, not months till a release, that's enough for me (this is just speculation on my part.  Don't get excited.).
    For all those that DEMAND it now - the RageHook is a public thing.  If you can do better, and faster... go make it. :|
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