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  1. MichaelRdk

    Can't get mods to work

    Thank you! that worked, it made the mods show the actual UI and therefore i could see the issues i was having, which was outdated plugins, updated them and it's now working as it should :)
  2. MichaelRdk

    Can't get mods to work

    I'm getting really frustrated, been trying and trying, and no matter what i do the game either crashes, don't load at all or mods simply doesn't work.. Only mod that works perfectly fine everytime is the LCPDFR mod. These are the mods that i wanted to install, i've got them working 1 time, and that's it, stopped working again. First off, i get a message saying that i SHOULD be seeing a message on my screen from RPH, which suggest that there is somthing wrong initializing directx or something like that. Second, the PoliceRadioSmart mod works BUT, the UI is not showing, i can move it around and use it, but the radio itself does not show on the screen. Third, Arrest Manager just don't work. Fourth, i'm no pc expert at all, and i'm at a loss, reinstalled GTA 4 times now in hopes that something would work, but no. LCPDFR LCPDFR+ Arrest Manager Computer+ PoliceSmartRadio Traffic Policer I wanted the ELS mod and maybe a police car too, but since i can't even get these few mods to work i'm not even gonna try. Why does modding a game have to be this diffucult :( Any pro's out there that can help me out getting this to work and MAYBE get more mods in there to enhance the experience, much appriciated. :)