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  1. Hello, I have been trying many times to get ELS working client side. However no luck, the lights work but the sirens do not. I was wondering if someone could right a code for FiveM server side to get a ELS type script that will work with ELS cars. Thank you please email me at Removed with your offer. Thank in advance!! Sincerely, Trey
  2. Hello, I am having the same problem however it is not the trainer. My Ignore Player is disabled. What else could it be?
  3. Hello, I am having a problem with rage hook it was working fine then all of the sudden it stopped opening. I tried to re-install it and it just shows the requirements screen with check marks all check (which means I have everything I need and I know I did). I have the newest version and running Windows 10 64 bit. I do not know what is wrong it was just working yesterday?? Please Help?? Thanks P.S. I also put a forums on rage hooks website.
    Hi of you could help me that wouldbe great I have used the automatic installer to install and It loads up but it crashseems the game for you could help that would be great... I do not have a background in because I could not figure it outo if that changes anything... thanks
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