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    Neoks got a reaction from MoreTextures in My GTA 5 Is crashing while loading story mode.   
    Well, Thank you very much for your help ! I think a will re-installed my game from scratch and directly from steam and see if it works. 
    I will ! There's really not a lot of solutions :( And I got more answers here than on the RageHook forum.. 
    Thank you :)
    Alright buddy ! I think we need to re-installed the game from steam :( But keep me posted if you find a better solution.
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    Neoks got a reaction from MoreTextures in My GTA 5 Is crashing while loading story mode.   
    Hey !
    Thanks for your answer. 
    Indeed the LMS.Common file was missing. I did another clean install of LSPDFR and this time with the Manual Installation ZIP.
    Unfortunately , my game is still crashing and I'm running out of options :( 
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    Neoks reacted to ShadowPro in LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update   
    Not gonna lie I almost messaged everyone that 0.3 had been released... don't do that to me man :( The  LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update title can be very misleading!! :P I can't be alone
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    Neoks got a reaction from AronJones in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    Same problem since the update... :(
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    Neoks reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview   
    After a short break from the non-stop development of the first couple of versions of LSPDFR, we're really excited to officially announce the next installment in the series - LSPDFR 0.3.  As you might have come to expect, LSPDFR 0.3 takes strongly after its predecessors, introducing a big bunch of groundbreaking new features and gameplay.
    With actually only a few weeks of development, it is amazing how far this next version of LSPDFR has come, and the extent of fresh, new content and possibilities that it offers.

    You asked, we listened.  Arresting suspects has been drastically improved, especially with the brand new addition of interactive cuffing - no guns required! 
    With 0.3, we've taken the time to rebuild some of the core mechanics of the modification, particularly as it comes to arresting suspects.  With a brand new interactive system, you can now easily and seamlessly place stopped suspects in handcuffs.  The animations for this are incredibly fluid, as is the way in which the process works, with interactivity being a key component.  In 0.3, when you arrest someone, there's a very tangible feeling of control - a massive improvement from earlier versions where, due to a reliance on normal playback, it could often feel as though you had been taken out of the game as you waited for an animation to finish.

    The Vapid Police Interceptor makes its LSPDFR debut in 0.3.  Well, with our entirely new and seriously powerful XML based backup unit customization, so does every other vehicle (and ped) in your game too!
    We'll be sharing more about the features and changes in LSPDFR 0.3 over the next week or so, as we take a more in-depth look at what 0.3 brings to the table, including the full Downtown Police Station interior, amazingly improved interaction with suspects, and much more!
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    Neoks reacted to Ethenal in LSPD First Response 0.2 Beta   
    Does anybody have any information on the API? I really want to start playing around with it but I'm rather unfamiliar with LCPDFR/LSPDFR's API system in general. I tried to use the old API Example for LCPDFR (because according to them it implements at least a basic version) and change the namespaces around but so far have been unable to compile it.
    Otherwise the new changes are fantastic, just hurry up and allow us to rebind the police computer key ;)
    (also, console commands to reload LSPDFR plugins)
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    Neoks reacted to FinKone in [WIP][REL][UPDATED 08/AUG/2015] Police Radio [Tow, Coroner, PlateChecker, Pit Request, Tackle Suspect... and probably more...]   
    Once I get to sit down and play with the API - I'll know soon.  I know they've had stuff listed in there but I just didn't get to test it out yet, if that makes sense.  I should know something tomorrow once I get some free time.
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    Neoks reacted to Brant in LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July   
    If they were to patch for this, I highly doubt it would have a large adverse affect on LSPDFR depending on what they include in the patch, or how they intend to fix the problem. Most of these large GTA Updates include security fixes to prevent illegal modding in GTA Online, if they patched just for framerate issues, I don't think it would effect the mod any.
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    Neoks reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.2 - Stun Guns & More   
    This is the final part of our LSPDFR 0.2 preview series.  For more information about the changes we're making with 0.2, take a look at the previous installments in this series, found here:: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    LSPDFR 0.2 not only goes some way in addressing a lot of the feedback we received as far as features were concerned, but it also includes a large number of fixes for issues reported to us.  A full list of these fixes will be published with the release, although among the things we sorted out are many of the frustrations people had with arresting, as well as traffic stop suspects reversing into players and the problems with detecting vehicles for traffic stops.
    Aside from these fixes and the features we've already covered, there's still more to talk about.  One of the big things that we saw people wanted was the return of the stun gun.  Thankfully, with the inclusion of a stun gun in the game, this was quite an easy task unlike in LCPDFR.  LSPDFR 0.2 introduces support for both the player and all AI officers to use stun guns.  The AI support has been somewhat improved since LCPDFR 1.1, with more fluid animations and better mechanics in general thanks to the stun gun already being present in the game.  Players are also now given a stun gun when going on duty, and we've been experimenting with AI configuration flags to make suspects tougher, so that they don't die after one hit - currently this works for all callout spawned criminals, and we hope to expand it universally.

    Stun guns make their return in LSPDFR 0.2, with player and enhanced AI support.  Shown is an AI officer drawing his.
    One of the other main things that we've been experimenting with in 0.2 is audio.  GTA V comes with a massive amount of police related audio which is fantastic, and we're looking to take advantage of this as much as we can.  For 0.2, we've introduced a basic version of the Police Scanner seen in LCPDFR 1.1, with a couple of key differences:
    The weird clicking noises between sounds have been drastically reduced. More variations of audio lines are present. You will now hear other officers talk on the radio too. Of course, this is still very much an experimental system and we'll be looking to make extensions and improvements in future versions.
    As this is the final installment in this update series, instead of promising another article the next day, we'll promise something else: LSPDFR 0.2 - coming very, very soon.