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  1. I really like this mod...it's essential in my opinion for playing lspdfr. Thanks for your work on it.
  2. Thanks mucho for the update which also fixed the keybinding issue for the police computer on the controller!
  3. awesome....will give it a try....thanks again for working on this
  4. Is there a way to disable vehicle computer keybinding connected to DPAD LEFT on my controller? this keybinding (without the computer popping up) was working fine for me with ELS lights before the update. thanks
  5. make sure you have it enabled in ragin plugin hook menu at startup
    fantastic addition to LSPDFR 0.4....love it (Note if you're having trouble getting it to work as I was.......remember to make sure it's enabled in rage plugin hook at startup!)
    Fantastic upgrade to LSPDFR! Should be integrated into default LSPDFR to replace the default computer.
    Like a few other essential mods, Stop the Ped features should be integrated into default LSPDFR.
    Essential mod for doing traffic patrols to check radar on the freeways or wherever you want. I love this simple yet effective mod.
  6. I get a canceled traffic stop every time I get out of my vehicle by pressing Y on my controller. I don't see this as a changeable keybinding option within traffic policer ini so not sure what or why it's happening. Any help would be appreciated though. having the same problem
  7. Getting the same error....I've installed and re-installed multiple times.
  8. Nice car...and the many choices on the forum are good.
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