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  1. @BejoIjo Is there a way you can add more things the backup does when in idle mode. Like maybe walk around a bit, or pull out a clipboard. Have an option to have them follow me or not follow. Hopefully that was planned down the road but just trying to throw ideas out there lol.
  2. Either @BejoIjo's mod Stop The Ped, or a stand alone mod. Pretty much a menu that allows you to ask a pedestrian any question that you can customize through an .xml file. Basically for role-play purposes. It would be a menu through the rage menu. You select the option or bring it up, and then it lists all your questions. Pick a question, and the ped answer randomly from the list. Similar to the Stop The Ped questions but can be asked anywhere and you can choose the questions and answers.
  3. If anything you add, make it to where the locations are almost like anywhere. It's like every callout pack that comes has preset locations or something. It gets old and unrealistic responding to like a mugging in the exact same place lol.
  4. I am requesting a pack be made of this city police department. police - FPIS police2 - FPIU police3 - Tahoe The FPIUs use Legacy that are equipped with alley lights and take-downs that fill the whole front of the lightbar. Some of the older FPIS's and Tahoes use a mix if whelen liberty lightbars and legacy according to the images. I am not sure the years of the vehicles, but here are some pictures before to help you on the designs. I mainly am concerned about the proper lightbar configuration and the extra lights around the model. Also, if you could make the decals reflective......you don't understand how happy I would be!!
  5. That was what I was about to propose as well.
  6. Well I thought I did by installing another gameconfig but it ended up not working....it would crash my game. Yeah which sucks because I like this pack. I think you can go only up to 5-6 police slots before shit hits the fan with texture loss.
  7. I get texture loss using this pack on a good computer. Any fixes or ideas? Never mind fixed it.
  8. @BejoIjo So I have noticed an issue where sometimes I call a code 2 or code 3 backup and the officers disappear.
  9. Is it possible to create a character through the creations system, but have it as an ambient officer patrolling a certain region?
  10. Is it possible @BejoIjo to make it to where the backup spawns at the way-point like in the vanilla backup?
  11. Is the lspdfr 0.4 resist arrest feature implemented in this mod? If not, could you add it. I found it. Didn't see it until I looked in the .ini file.
  12. @Phaxol Loving the mod. Was wondering if you could possibly add either an .xml or some type of forum that records the citations and arrest reports in the plugins folder, so us hardcore RP people can look back on them. Also, if you could possibly add a narrative or comments section on the arrest reports that are also recorded in the document in plugins folder. Also, make it to where you can add an arrest report even if the suspect hasn't been arrested. Sometimes, officers just take info reports. Keep it coming and love what your doing.
  13. I appreciate that! And that would keep the suspect vehicle and or ped persistent? Also, do the AI police actually implement similar searching algorithms to the vanilla police when searching for you in SP? Also, do ambient units that spawn also attempt to join and search as well?
  14. I am liking the new system with 0.4 where if you lose visual on a suspect, an X appears on the map, but I noticed that you really don't have much time to search for the suspects and then they escape. I wish there was an option to increase the time or a mod to modify this setting.
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