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  1. DustyActual

    Blaine County Police (Durango, CO)

    tfw I still have the 2006 tahoe, i manged to download it before it was taken down
  2. DustyActual

    [ELS] 2014 Gruppe 6 Dodge Charger, W/ 8K textures

    Where do you go to change out the audio hash?
  3. DustyActual

    RPH Not working/GTA5Launcher.exe crashing

    I did and it still does not work.
  4. I cannot play gta 5 through RPH anymore, I updated to the newest version of gta 5 and the newest version of RPH. Whenever i launch gta 5, i get a pop up that says "GTA5Launcher.exe has exited unexpectedly" I provided a screenshot of the message I keep getting. Also whenever I press Ok on that screen and Yes on the User account control pop up, gta 5 runs but RPH does not load in game. Is there any fix to this problem?
  5. Hey man before you replied to me, I did remove every plugin except the required plugins and traffic stop backup worked! From there I slowly added more plugins to see if it would work and traffic stop works. As you said, some plugins are outdated and conflict with the traffic stop backup plugin, hence I removed a couple of plugins that conflicted with the traffic stop backup. Now finally it works, thanks anyways! Oh and I don't have a powerful rig lol, my pc is from 2013, I still use a gtx 650 lmao, i can run the game decently,30- 40-50 frames.
  6. I updated and this plugin still does not work for me. I think i need to update rage hook, I am still on RPH 0.57 Anyone have a fix? I have this plugin installed and whenever I press 3, it does not work, this plugin used to work on a previous version
  7. I tried both of your suggestions and it still will not load
  8. Hey, I removed every plugin that was not required and it still does not work. RagePluginHook.log
  9. I installed the new version and it still does not work. Whenever i press 3 on the numpad, no unit responds. It does not turn on. Is there any fix to this?
  10. DustyActual

    [4K] Los Santos County Sheriff's Pack

    Is it possible to make a 2k version for those whose PCs cant run 4k textures
  11. Perfect, there is also another issue, it has to do whenever the cars get dirty enough. When the cars get dirty enough the lights on the light bar disappear, and the windows turn black
  12. I love this pack. Good textures for the cars. Another good thing about this pack is that it comes with 2k textures so it won't crash your game. So many people make vehicle packs and they only include 4k skins and not everyone has a fancy PC, some of us have mid end PCs. So it is appreciated that you included 2k textures *Edit* I just changed the default textures with the 2k textures and theres no difference. The textures are still 4k, and there are no 2k textures for the FPIU and the FPIS
  13. DustyActual


    It works!! I removed cop holster. Thank you! One suggestion I have is that you should straighten out the ESU patch on the front, for the long sleeve shirt