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    Morshu reacted to Harper in Traffic Flow/TrafficLoad causing crash   
    I'd advise to set up a private multiplayer match and just playing there.

    You don't need Traffic Flow online, which is weird but it works.
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    Morshu got a reaction from tmusson21 in vdH K-9 Script v.1.0.0 [REL]   
    That's just awesome. Keep up the good work!
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    Morshu reacted to Abraxas in vdH K-9 Script v.1.0.0 [REL]   
    vdH K-9 Script v.1.0.0

    Meet Jerry Lee, K-9 officer from Liberty city.
    He loves chilli, cruising in patrol car, biting bad guys asses and coke... I mean and searching for drugs, firearms and cadaver.

    It's not that complex script like my other mods, but it is really fun. Jerry Lee is still in training, but he's better every day. I'm affraid I can't solve every problem, so know issues are: sometimes weird animations (it's 4-legged model rigged to 2-legged body by AC.Amir, he made great work with that huge limitations), wrong collision box (anyone know is there a way to fix it?) and what's annoying, LCPD:FR doesn't treat Jerry Lee as police officer and you can hold him or arrest by mistake :-/


    Installation and user guide video:

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    Morshu reacted to EnterName in new gta v images and trailer 2   
    Just checked R* newswire and found this:

    In the comments, R* also posted:

    "We know you're all very excited for the next GTA V trailer, and we'll have more info to share with you all on that very soon. Anyone that continues to spam the comments thread of this post with demands will however have their messages removed and their commenting priviledges suspended. Thanks for your patience and understanding."
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    Morshu got a reaction from CrazyPanda1234 in Whats the difference?   
    Only difference I know is the open multiplicator the 3570k has and which you already mentioned.

    Besides that, they're pretty much the same, are having the same TDP and specs.
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    Morshu reacted to gtapolicetrucker in new gta v images and trailer 2   
    trailer 2 coming before november 5th

    credits for the information goes to gtaforums.