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About Me

My Name is Alex I'm 34 years old and a fan of the LSPDFR Modification for GTA 5 and been working on vehicle models since April of 2016.


My YouTube Channel is:


My Twitch Channel is:


My Official Discord is:



On My YouTube Channel I upload LSPDFR Patrol Video's weekly (Every Friday 2:00 Pm PST, 5:00 Pm EST), Tutorials for Zmodeler 3, misc vehicle builds, and coming soon other games (American Truck Simulator, Farming Simulation 2017, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018)


My Twitch Channel I broadcast Live Sometimes while I work on vehicle models for others to watch (Maybe some day patrol on and if I get a second monitor try and talk back to the viewers in the chat).


I live in Southern California just between where Los Santos and Blane County meet in GTA 5 lol. I've been an member of the community since 2013. I've always wanted a mod to be a police officer in game ever since I used to play the Police Quest Series (Might be a little old for the younger members to remember) but I always loved the depth and detail the game series offered. You could tell how much more detail the games got not only graphically but as well as police procedure up until the last officer one which was Police Quest 4 and then moved onto the Police Quest Swat Series which I am a fan of as well.



That I will also showcase pictures of the work I've done or completed.


If you are stuck with a problem on Zmodeler feel free to message me and I usually will try to answer for you. I have a twitch channel and YouTube channel that both show complete builds that you are more than welcome to watch/attend. I don't mind making templates for your vehicle models as long as you credit me for the work I do is all that I ask and to have patience as again I am married and have a life outside of LSPDFR.

Thanks for Stopping By!!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Thero

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