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What's new since 0.3?


With the recent release of LSPDFR 0.3 there has been an influx of updated plugin callouts, scripts and other modifications. From Albo’s recent update of his traffic policer script, to Lt. Caine’s latest iteration of PLD.  We’ve decided to list some of these scripts below, and made choosing a new modification all the more easier! So, if you’re looking for something new to add depth to your game, read on below.








First on our list is something really cool by the man behind the development of Emergency Lighting System (ELS); Lt Caine has been making changes to his earlier released modification for GTA V the PLD otherwise known as “Player Location Display”.  I personally have been using it for over a month now, and have to say I cannot go without it.  This simple modification has been much improved and I highly recommend checking it out before continuing on!

Thinking that's all Lt.Caine’s been up to? Think again! Not only did he release this amazing improvement to his PLD modification but he’s also released an all new modification called BVA “Basic Vehicle Actions”.  This simple modification adds a bit more depth to your driving experience by adding small details such as static brake lights when stopped, turning indicators and 3 new exit vehicle animation styles. Check it out!




Now, are you tired of the constant bloodbath by police vehicles during pursuits?  Tired of getting rammed from behind whilst trying to catch up to a pursuit because backup units pretend you’re not there?  Well thankfully, community member Eddlm has created the “Safer Chases” modification.  In a way, this changes backup units from vicious mountain lions into cute kittens. Check it out below!




Looking for that all-in-one callout script?  Look no further! That’s because community member Albo1125 has recently updated his Traffic Policing script to include a speed radar with built-in ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Reader).  This ALPR is also built into the LSPDFR API itself which means it uses the same database LSPDFR uses when running plates manually! This is just a small fraction of the things offered in this modification; check it out in the download section!





What if you wanna be able to alert those pesky Los Santos natives that you’re coming in hot and code 3?  Why not try AlexGuirre’s latest update to his “Emergency Strobes” modification. This latest version includes the much requested wig-wag pattern for both rear and front vehicle lamps! That’s right just like ELS used to do! Check it out!




That’s all for now, be sure to check out the download section daily!  There are plenty of amazing modifications we just didn’t have the time to feature here but are just as deserving! Until next time, from us here at G17 Media, have a great week!

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