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With a huge Jewish diaspora, it was only natural that they set up a neighbourhood watch scheme - the Outlook Park Volunteer Police, or the Shomrim, following the blackouts of 1977 which shook the community to it's core. The LCPD, somewhat controversially, have supported and funded them ever since, with one example of their support being the OPVP Merit in the background, a former LCPD car repainted as a 'gift' to them.


As quoted from the real-life Wikipedia article: "Members, driving repainted police cars, respond to armed robberies, burglaries, and assaults in progress, as well as automobile accidents and general assistance to residents. While they are not authorized to make arrests, they will chase suspects and try to detain them by surrounding them and talking to them until police arrive."


Here, the LCPD were called in by the Shomrim to respond to an attempted robbery in the actual park area. The LCPD were just around the block, and took the suspect away a few minutes later


© Hullian111
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You may notice the Stanier's livery is a little...different. That's actually Ekalb's Stanier there; before I took this screenshot, I was doing some livery testing of a new WIP lore-friendly livery.


Here's a hint: What's black, cream, and hot to touch?

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