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SANG is currently looking to replace the old jeeps as they are not easily modifiable. The jeeps are top heavy, cramped, unarmed & unarmored, gaining high miles & are only good for transportation around the base making them an easy target if needed for combat use. The SANG is looking to switch from the old jeeps to the new HMMWV's (aka High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or HUMVEE) because they are easily modifiable by the troops to carry what they need & get the job done. The new HMMWV's cost more than the jeeps but it will be worth it in the end as these are diesel engines which will last longer than gas engines & the humvee's are also armored & armed depending on the situation. These vehicles have true 4x4 to get the troops wherever they are called to with 4x4 Hi & 4x4 Lo with a water fording kit so the air intake in up to the roof making it better for river/deep water crossings.  They are mainly bomb proof and bulletproof unlike the jeeps making the #1 resource inside safe. Special items such as brush guards can be added to reduce damage to the vehicle and help when hitting things. If you wish to know more please follow up on our NG album as I will keep it up to date.


In the picture you can see some damage to the humvee, this is due to the SANG doing a rollover test. The humvee rolled 10x further down the hill than the jeep with better results. The test dummy's show that the passenger would have only received minor injury's if any. If that by itself doesn't make you feel safe in this thing, we don't know what will. If that wasn't good enough this humvee is fully repairable for re-use & live operations!

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