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RDE 2.0: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realism-dispatch-enhanced
More screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/B9c4e/layout/horizontal#0

RDE: Best lore-friendly models and textures, all compatible and in one easy to install package, coupled with enhanced AI and an extended dispatch system. 

Textures/Models Included: 
- Coast Guard Enhancement 
- Military Enhancement Project 
- NOOSE SWAT (Tactical Response Unit) 
- SAHP Cars 
- LSPD Granger 
- LSSD Interceptor 
- LSSD Maverick 
- SAHP Maverick 
- National Guard Annihilator (unarmed) 
- NOOSE Annihilator (unarmed) 
- NOOSE Riot 
- LSPD Detectives 
- Female SAHP 
- SAHP Bike Retexture 
- LSSD Retexutres 
- LSPD Car Retextures 
- LSPD Maverick Retexture 
- LSPD/LSSD Ped Retextures 
- Female Park Ranger Ped Retexture 
- LSPD Riot Retexture 
- NOOSE SEB Cruiser/Granger 
- NOOSE PIA Cruiser/Granger 
- Military Replacements/Retextures: Boar (A-10), Rhino (M1A1 Abrams), Storm (F-22), and Hunter (AH-64 Apache) 

Script Includes: 
- 8 different vehicle response categories that decide the response at a 5 star wanted level (Can be customized in the INI) 
- Juggernauts have been added to spice things up a bit. (Can also be customized in the INI) 
- Working Insurgents gunners, Valk gunners, Valk cannon, Attack choppers: Savage, Hunter, 
- Dog Fighting AI for Jets 
- Ability to switch between Army/No Army options 

From the album:

Realism Dispatch Enhanced 2.0

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