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Preview of the reworked and overhauled "LSCS Liveries" pack expansion


© t0p4s
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Photo Information for Lineup

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looks awesome, add in the F150 :D

I surely will, probably even tonight; have not tested or even downloaded it yet.

Here's some closeup pics of some of the finished cars.:

GTA5 2015-10-15 23-50-16-97.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-09-18-88.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-17-55-50.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-18-01-39.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-18-48-47.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-18-55-26.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-19-06-14.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-23-51-44.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-24-58-55.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-26-40-96.jpg

GTA5 2015-10-16 02-27-16-35.jpg

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Looks great!

Most of the time I search for textures, but they're always just plain, and boring, just too many blank spaces y'know.

I don't see why  people shouldn't cram the police mott, and badge, and flags, and other "sticker", and make it vivid, with background and layer colours that contrast. But they tend to just keep it simple, and therefore boring. 

But thank god I found this, and you...


They all look great, and are exactly what I have been looking for!




* Sorry about the typos!

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