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Woman Performs Traffic Violation to get Stopped by Police Intentionally

An interesting morning stop for Silverlake Police, after a woman spotted a police car at a red light, and sped through the light to catch the officers attention. The officer spotted the infraction and immediately stopped the vehicle.

Upon speaking with the driver, the officer found out that she did the action intentionally because her passenger was yelling at her and making threats.

The officer asked for assistance from another unit, and the male passenger was pulled from the vehicle. Upon further investigation it was found that the two occupants had a previous argument and led to built-up anger, which resulted in this incident.

No charges were pressed but the two individuals have been separated and placed on a temporary two-day no contact order to work out their personal differences and come to a conclusion on how to solve the issue(s).

Police do not recommend performing traffic violations to get the attention of police, but rather to call the non-emergent number and allow them to respond to the incident.

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Silverlake/Westlake County Snapshots

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