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2013- Present Ford Taurus Bumper by Vertex3D




LOW POLY: 778 Polys


From the album:

Vertex3d's Scratch Made Parts

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The MeshSmooth modifier smoothes geometry in your scene by means of several different methods. It lets you subdivide the geometry while interpolating the angles of new faces at corners and edges, and apply a single smoothing group to all faces in the object. The effect of MeshSmooth is to round over corners and edges as if they had been filed or planed smooth. Use MeshSmooth parameters to control the size and number of new faces, and how they affect the surface of the object.


  • GUID-00A9C3E8-5814-4255-A1E2-8DB5CFC5D43 Modify panel > Make a selection. > Modifier List > Object-Space Modifiers > MeshSmooth
  • Make a selection. > Modifiers menu > Subdivision Surfaces > MeshSmooth


To apply MeshSmooth to an object: 

  1. 1. GUID-AEA0DCE7-AEB5-4739-B941-449CC7232C3 Select an angular object.
  2. 2. Apply the MeshSmooth modifier.
  3. 3. Set MeshSmooth parameters.
  4. 4. avatar_88558e75475f_64.png Remove the MeshSmooth modifier and model correctly.

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