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West Coast to East Coast (2)

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EVCS Beta 0.2

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So how do you feel about this version of EVCS while we wait for Sam's ELS Dot Net? Are the coronas coming through the car really that annoying?

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I don't really find them annoying and that may be fixable soon. So far the main advantage this has over ELSDN is that it's actually released in some capacity.


Grady's also working on/already done a lot of other really interesting features like alley lights, the siren controller and manual siren and he's in the process of looking at if anything can be done about the corona visiblity issue and what can be done to better replicate wig-wag headilghts. 


The real downside to the mod is that it relies heavily on what corona texture you use so if you have a crappy one then it won't look as good as if you'd had a better one. So far though the vehicle's I've been using it with (see my video, plus these gta-v style one's i've been doing) are looking good with the evcs lights in my opinion at least. 

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Interesting indeed. Thankfully the corona mod is easily done, and having a silent siren with lights on option would be huge, I found some of them either poor or worse, removed audio dialogue. I look forward to the release. Any ETA? I understand if there is not, which seems likely. Thanks for continuing to mod and improve mods! I know I've been a bit out of the game for a while.

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