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''DISPATCH:: Domestic Dispute In Progress!''.

Dispatch:: ''I need two Units available for Domestic dispute, caller states it's between a couple male and female only verbal at this minute. Location is at 23 Shineook Ave.''

Unit 556:: ''Show us 2 minutes out and we are heading into heavy Traffic.''

Dispatch:: ''10-4 I will start another vehicle there too in case of late arrival.''

Unit 556:: ''Copy that'' *SIREN YELP IN BACKROUND*.

Dispatch:: ''Unit 556 update.''

Unit 556:: ''Go ahead for 556.''

Dispatch:: ''Got a call back from a witness who is witnessing it this dispute ,just turned physical she hit him first. Now he is restraining her on the floor and shouting.''

Unit 556:: ''Yea! We copy that!!'' *AIR-HORN BLARING IN BACKROUND*

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