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A Midnight Traffic Accident

Unit 513 was in a high speed chase with a bank robber when he lost control over the car and hit a concrete pole. The car stopped in the middle of the other side of the road and a passer by could evade the 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe just in time. He called 911 and the first police cruiser (FIA Police) arrived 3 minutes later. He immediatly called for backup and 15 minutes later, 2 other units, one from the Broker - Dukes Police Dept. and one from LC Highway Patrol, arrived and started to close the highway for any traffic. "It was a very foggy and cold night, the cruiser probably slipped over an ice patch and crashed into the pole", stated Officer Joe Williamson. Luckily, the officer, who wants to remain anonymous, could escape the vehicle and was sitting at the side of the highway. "We immediatly called an ambulance, who picked him up five minutes later". The officer had a broken leg and some minor injuries.

This was Scrimpy Data, live for Weazel News :D

From the album:

Scrimps Pics

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