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Connor B.

Realistic ELS Configs and visualsetting.dat

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Hey guys, obviously with my LSPDFR, I’m looking for a really realistic approach with my police lights where I have radiance V installed but was wondering what settings you have set for your els config and visualsetting.dat  where your lights aren’t too bright and reflect of buildings without extending for miles which isn’t too realistic. Just was wondering if you would be okay providing some examples as to what your els config and visuals settings are set to as I’m looking for a real life approach. 





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4 hours ago, Officer Hartford said:

Dont use radianceV, use Make Visuals Great Again.

I have my visualsettings.dat set at 8500, and it works like a charm with MVGA.

Is your visual 8500 for both day and night? What settings are your els config? (ini)

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