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Low FPS when going on patrol

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Low FPS when going on patrol


I've been reading threads on this forum about low FPS when going on duty, in most of which people conclude that their PC:s simply can't handle the game plus mods/plugins. I've now run into the same problem, where my game is completely lag free and stable before going on duty but pretty laggy and unstable when LSPDFR and the plugins have loaded. 

I do of course realise that mods and scripts require computer performance, but I don't think my PC should be 'overwhelmed' by only LSPDFR and four basic plugins (these include: Traffic Policer, Arrest Manager, Police SmartRadio and LSPDFR+).


I've at the most had maybe 10 plugins, a couple of scripts and 8 callout packs with VisualV, RadianceV, modified police vehicles, sirens and clothing. At that point, I had between 40 and 30 FPS. I tried to uninstall some of the mods/plugins/scripts, hoping that the FPS would improve. I did find out that 'KeepCalm' caused a lot of lag, and after uninstalling that I gained about 5 FPS. The game was still pretty laggy though. 


I've tried to reinstall GTA and LSPDFR along with all of the mods. I tried to first install LSPDFR, then one mod/plugin at a time. After the 4 most 'basic' plugins, the FPS had already dropped to around 50. None of these plugins (Traffic Policer, Arrest Manager, Police SmartRadio and LSPDFR+) seemed to cause more FPS loss than the other; the FPS just continued to sink as I installed more plugins. I also made sure that all of the plugins were up to date.


FPS in GTA V Vanilla: >80 FPS

FPS in GTA V with only LSPDFR: >60 FPS 

FPS in GTA V with LSPDFR + 4 plugins: 60-50 FPS 

FPS in GTA V with LSPDFR + >4 plugins + callout packs + VisualV + car mods: 30-50 FPS


Do you think that the low frame rate is caused by a hardware problem or by inefficent plugins/mods? If the latter, how are Youtubers able play LSPDFR at 60 or more FPS while using the same mods, game and plugins as me?






CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X


GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2080 8GB



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