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Missing texture on Sheriff SUV - and other porblems.

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Hey, thanks for reading in advance.

So, basically, I downloaded like 3 SUVs, all of them are sheriff SUVs. I installed the first, did everything as the readme said, and when I went in-game, it looked all white, like the textures were missing. So I went back to OpenIV, I opened the .yft and voila, it was perfectly correct. So I didn't really know what I did wrong, so I went to the second car I downloaded. Opened up the readme, and it said COMPLETELY DIFFERENT installation path. ( EDIT: Forgot to mention, one said install to the latest patchday, and the other said x64e ) I was like, excuse me, what? It was really strange, but I did that anyways. The same thing happens, the SUVs are all white for me. No textures. Someone could really explain what's going on.

Same goes for a sheriff cruiser, especially an LASD based sheriff cvpi, which I installed, but the problem is a little bit something else. It looks good, but the paintjob just won't load, so the car looks white on the outside, but the wheels and the interior just looks perfectly fine.


Another problem, I downloaded a Federal Signal siren soundpack, I don't know specially which one I chose, that doesn't matter. So, I did everything as the readme said, however, when I turn on the lights and sirens, everything is silent. Yes, I use ELS, and yes I know how turning sirens on work with ELS, it has the 'beep' sound but the siren still reamins silent. I guess it's just using it's rights, hah. (sorry for the bad joke)


So I'm stuck here, I've spent the whole day trying to figure it out, but nothing seems to work. Thanks for the help.


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Sorry for the bump, but I actually managed to solve the siren problem.

Unfortunately, the sheriff SUV bug is still present. What I tried: - installing any other mods to sheriff2

I tried a FPIU, and a Tahoe, I can send a photo how the FPIU looks. It's pretty strange.



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