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Corrupt Game Data after changing vehicles.meta in MODS

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I only edit files inside of 'Mods' folder using OpenIV. When I edit the vehicles.meta to fix the window tint problem on police4, sheriff2, and fbi2, and I launch the game, I get an error message of Corrupt Game Data, but the game does not "stop working", simply closes after I click 'Okay' on the error. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?


I have backed up my vehicle.meta file and replacing it back, both mod and regular folder, does not fix it. Verifying file integrity via Steam does not fix it. The only thing that fixes it is a clean install, which I've had to do twice now since the latest ScriptHookV update (December 2018)


Can anyone help me with this? Much thanks in advance! 😄

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The title is Corrupt Game Data, what is the error? It might be something like "ERR_FIL_PAK_3" or something like that.


Could you attach your vehicles.meta file here?

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