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Korra Designs is entering GTAV Modding scene

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“Korra Designs is IMVU's premier and most interactive, customer-friendly business”

which will be entering GTAV as one of Mod Makers that will be designing Wide Selection of Vehicles, Outfits and Overhauls to GTAV.

beginning with Police, Civilians, NPCs.


History of Korra Designs:

Korra Designs has very long history. it dates back to year 2008.
it originally started out as DarkThunder Designs, in 2013, it became Saturn designs.
by 2015, Korra Designs was new name to replace the previous brands as main brand. it is officially main brand.
no name change was needed. it was for reason: to keep brand very original to itself and its products as well.
the Creator wanted to be original as well. so she changed everything to the way it was supposed to be.

in total of between 2008 and 2018, over 9000 products were released. most of which hasn't been updated to change the current brand look.


latest product made in 2017 was Police outfit for IMVU. (currently not released) her product list for release is over 5200 products that is due out for 2019.



any questions? happy to answer your questions.

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