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Just installed - can't enter police stations / forceduty

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Sorry if this has been beat to death, but every topic I found on it seems to have been resolved without the solution posted.


I have GTA 5 (retail version) running on Windows 10 Pro.  I installed the latest LSPDFR, Scripthook, RageHook, and simple Trainer.  The game loads ok, I see the "loading story mode via RageHook" in the bottom left, but no other text relating to the plugin or mod.  After the game loads, I can see the Police stations on the map.  If I go to one, the doors are just shut and I can't enter any of them ("E" doesn't do anything for me there either".


If I hit F4 I get a list of trainer options but no option to "forceduty" or a place to type it in (I don't think I get the Rage console from this, just the trainer).  Attaching the log file from the Rage folder, and screenshots of the GTA5 install folder.  Any help appreciated.

install dir 2.JPG

install dir 3.JPG


install dir 1.JPG

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OK I believe I have it figured out.  In case anyone else is having the same issue - tap shift after launching RageHook, goto the advanced tab, and under game settings check the "force windowed mode" option.  This actually let the plugins load and allowed me to goto to the police stations and go on duty (I switched back to full screen after going on duty without issue).  

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