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LSPDFR Crashes After Going On Duty

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Hello, so recently I have been having an issue where about 5-10 seconds after I go on duty, LSPDFR crashes. The game itself does not crash, I just get the message that LSPDFR has crashed. I'm thinking it might be something to do with an error in one of my mods from Albo, but I'm not positive. Thank you 🙂


Update: I have a screenshot from when it crashes: you can see that it says there is an update for LSPDFR+, which I doubt is causing it, but it also says unhandled exception during game fiber tick. To add to this, I see people with this problem as well and some are saying it is traffic policer, others are saying it is police smart radio, and others cheep callouts so I'm not sure what's happening because I have all three of those.


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Anyone else having this problem as well: if you have cheep callouts: go into your LSPDFR folder, locate the cheep callouts ini, find where it says check for updates (or something along those lines) change it from true to false. Remember to save it after.


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