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Spontaneous Crashing

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My game will randomly crash, sometimes on loading screen, sometimes 10 mins into the game. I have tried with and without LSPDFR, which changes nothing. I have also tried with vanilla vehicles, once again no luck. I have attached a  few logs (unsure which are relevant), and a screenshot of the GTA V directory. I'm hoping someone can pinpoint where it's all going wrong, as i'm out of ideas - Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated!


Merry Christmas! 🎅








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You could maybe try:

1) goto OpenIV and open it.

2) Click Edit Mode

3) If it says you have an "outdated update.rpf in your Mods folder" click to update and try that.

Hope that helps

You probably have done this as well:

Goto your steam library, right click on GTA V, click properties, goto local files and click verify integrity.

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Have tried both of these but no luck. 


I've installed some new vehicle mods and it seems that has stopped the crashing, so i've put it down to a rogue vehicle mod.

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