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Emergency Horn Issues

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I have found a couple of topics on this, but nothing that states what the solution was. However, my issue is that after adding in an ambulance and firetruck mod, as well as, downloading a new visualsettings.dat file, whenever I load an emergency vehicle my horn sounds none stop. I have attempted to single out everything that it could be, but am still stuck. It is not a controller issue, ELS files are installed properly as well. It has to be something with ELS or the vehicles, because the issue does not occur when I am in a regular vehicle. Any thoughts/suggestions on where to go from here?




Well good news, it’s fixed now. I wish I could say what did it exactly, but I can’t. If you find yourself with the same problem,  all that I did was restart my computer, and redownload asiloader through OpenIV. I guess my asiloader had an issue somehow?

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