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[WIP] Nova Scotia EHS Ford E-450 Skin

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So heya everyone!


I've been inactive on here since way back in 2013 when I had uploaded a few flash-based utilities for GTA:IV roleplaying.  I've only recently gotten back into GTA in general, and have finally gotten around to looking at some modding!  I do realise that this is a bit of a niche category, but for those of us who reside in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, not many skins exist for vehicles.


I was absolutely thrilled with the RCMP pack which included working reflective liveries!  RCMP is Canada wide, so it's not too hard to roleplay as them.  Fire and EMS however are generally municipal and provincial, respectively.  It's a bit of an immersion breaker to see a Los Angeles County Fire ambulance show up to your accident scene on the Trans Canada Highway 102... Here is where I have began.


I've had a bit of grief trying to get my skin to line up just the way I want, but it's not too far off and I'm confident that I should be releasing this skin in the next couple of days!  🙂


Here's a video preview of my current progress:



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