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Help Please cant go on duty or force duty

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Hello,  im having some issues with regards to my gta lspdfr or the rage plugin. I can load up the game fine but as soon as it loads problems start. first i dont get a confirmation that lspdfr has been put into the game as in the little "welcome message" you normally get next to the map, i do however have the shields on my map for the police stations, then the next issue is i cant get on duty. I cant use f4 for some reason even though is the assigned key for the console it just does nothing, i then go to a police station as again nothing happens, if i go into the locker room i get wanted or shot and if i use one of the police stations where the duty point is outside nothing happens. 


I appreciate any help as i have been ripping my hair out trying to solve it.

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First, let's try running your game in windowed mode, and see if that allows you access to the console. If not, re-download in this order: LSPDFR and then RPH.


Best of Luck!

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