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Why Won't My Game Work?

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Hello! I am looking for someone to help me finish up the process of getting LSPDFR to work on my computer. I'll outline what I have done so far and even provide some pictures so hopefully y'all can help me out. Thanks for helping a new guy out 🙂 Cheers. 


I don't know if links are allowed in this forum so I'll just give you the creator and title of the tutorial I watched to complete everything. I watched 'Installing GTA 5 LSPDFR 2018 - ADVANCED and FAST TUTORIAL Windows 10!!' by Benzo Effect.


A few things worth noting before we get started:

1) I have a legit copy of Windows 10 and GTA 5

2) While loading up the RAGE Plugin to start LSPDFR, I was logged into Steam

3) I use both Windows Defender and AVG Antivirus

     - I disabled Windows Defender completely by:

              1) typed regedit in Windows Search

               2) Choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Policies > Microsoft > Windows Defender

               3) Right click and add 'D WORD (32-bit value)'

               4) Named it 'DisableAntiSpyware' then changed value data to 1

  - For AVG, i just created an exception (see picture)



NOTE: I'm not the greatest with understanding antivirus software so this could be the reason why my LSPDFR isn't working.



So, here we go. I installed the following in order. I will attach pictured to each of them to see what they look like before and after being put into the main directory of GTA V.


This is what it looked like before anything was installed:



1) LSPDFR (0.3.1) - I chose to do the manual install version:



2) Script Hook V (newest version):



3) RAGE Plugin Hook - 0.64.1234.15464:



4) Simple Trainer



That final picture is with everything installed. The initial error message that I got said Windows Defender Smart Screen blocked something and then prompted me to retry, which I did. After that message came up, the one in the next picture came up:



I clicked yes and the game seemed to load fine, however, it just loaded the normal game of gta V without the mod. What am I doing wrong here? Can someone help me? Thank you!

game directory_1.PNG

error message 1.PNG

AVG Exceptions_3.PNG

LSPDFR Unzipped ready to install_4.PNG

GTA V with LSPDFR Installed_5.PNG

RagePlugin unzipped_8.PNG

ScriptHook Unzipped_6.PNG

GTA V + LSPDFR + ScriptHook + Rage_9.PNG

GTA V + LSPDFR + ScriptHook_7.PNG

everything with the trainer_10.PNG

game directory_1.PNG

Before anything is installed_2.PNG

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