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Rage Plugin keeps crashing

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no i tried to launch gta story mode and my game still crashes i don't even get a crash report. so im not sure what the problem is i launched troubleshooter by albo and it says i don't have any errors. i installed scripthook / scripthook.net / OpenIV / Rageplugin and i followed every step for every plugin so i hope you can help me with this. i will say i already tried uninstalling everything and then installed everything back but it still doesnt work PS: my game worked when i uninstalled everything and i have a legal copy of gta 5.


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You error was most likely your mods folder. All that you needed to do to test this theory was rename your mods folder to _mods. However, I am glad you got it fixed though.


Enjoy patrolling the mean streets of Los Santos and Blaine County!

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