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Police Lights disappear after 10m

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This is actually for a FiveM server, but if you've experienced and fixed the problem here, you may be able to help me fix it on FiveM. 


I made a new server, installed a non-ELS and an ELS vehicle, and a visual mod. (I noticed the problem before installing the visual mod, but thought the visual mod would fix it). If I park my car with the lights on and flashing, after walking about 10m away from the car, you can still see environmental lighting, but you can't tell that the lights are even on just by looking at the car. I've played with some settings in the following files:






Changing some of the parameters made the non-ELS vehicle a LITTLE better, but was still hard to see. Any ideas on how to solve this? I can upload screenshots or videos or link everything I downloaded if necessary.

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