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Rage Plugin Hook Crashes GTA 5 when trying to load any Plugins

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Just as the title says gta 5 crashes when i try to load any plugins with Rage plugin Hook. i have updated all plugins and rage plugin hook. the only thing that i can find in any of the logs is this


[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.988] ------------------------------
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.989] Origin: Rage.RemotePlugin
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.989] ------------------------------
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.989] Exception type: System.AccessViolationException
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.989] Exception message: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.989] ------------------------------
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.990] Inner exceptions:
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.990] ------------------------------
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.990] Stack trace:
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.990] at Rage.RemotePlugin.Tick()
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.991] at Rage.RemotePlugin.Tick()
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.991] at Rage.Plugin.Tick()
[2018-12-11 9:57:34 PM.991] ==============================


Other than that i can't find anything that would point to as why it wont load any plugins and i have reinstalled everything including the game going one by one and even lspdfr just insta crashes gta 5 with no other plugins or enb's installed..


any help would be gladly appreciated.

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