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RPH Backup

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I backed up my old game version in RPH prior to updating the game, as well as, RPH. Unfortunately after I updated the game and RPH, RPH is no longer allowing me to revert back because the version I am using is not supported. I see that other's have had this issue (unfortunately after the fact); I guess I am really trying to see if I am misunderstanding what the point of backing up your game version in RPH is, if RPH does not allow you to use it? Maybe I am doing it incorrectly?

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3 hours ago, Soko N Lime said:

do you have rage 0.64 installed or 0.63?


I installed Rage 0.64, but reverted my game version from the backup file. However, when that did not work I still had a copy of 0.63, and tried that as well; however, both did not work. I am assuming that it was because I did not save a backup of the regular update.rpf. I was able to obtain the previous exe and launcher from steam, but still no luck. The good news is that I was able to find a solution for ELS for now, so it is not as big of a deal. I will just need to make sure to not only backup through RPH, but also backup the update.rpf, and exe/launcher. 

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