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Respek Cien Por Ciento

RPH crashing on the loading Screen.

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Hola, I just want to say that I'm not that good at English but I will try my best to explain my issue,


This was posted a few days ago, but I'll make it shorter or make it look shorter I guess...


I uninstalled RPH and LSPDFR and installed it back again, after doing that I accept all the licenses made a backup of the game through RPH,

I have all the plugins loaded on startup, Disable Perm Version Text Rendering, Disable Custom Loading Screen, Force Windowed Mode, Ignore Different Video Card,


I launch the game through RPH after reinstalling it after a few seconds the game will crash on the Loading Screen (The Screen where you'll see pictures of The Characters) and it says that RPH have crashed and the button showing exit or generate crash report,


The mods that I have recently updated is 

StopThePed and Computer+,

A few hours ago I was able to play again with RPH launching fine after not being able to play the game for a few days,

I exited the game and checked the website for some updates and saw that there's a new update for STP and Computer+ 

and so I downloaded the new update and replace the existing files


Launching the game through the game launcher (Steam/Without RPH)  works perfectly fine,

I have also replaced my gameconfig because I thought the game was corrupt and it's the one causing the crash


I have included my RagePluginHook.log file

I have also added my whole GTA Folder and Modding Files to exclusion on Malwarebytes and Windows Defender

also added screenshots of my GTA 5 Directory,


I edited it again I'm really getting pissed off, I have deleted all my mods including LSPDFR I added all the plugins that have worked before, I have only installed 2 mods which is EUP (L&O and S&R)

Replaced my gameconfig,


That's it, for now, I'll include more stuff if needed,

Thank you in advance.




Screenshot (38).png


Screenshot (39).png

Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (41).png

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Welp my game started to crash again for absolutely no reason, My game was working fine an hour ago before I restarted my PC, I added stretcher bodybagtexture to my mods folder and also added open interior to my directory, I was able to fix my previous problem by deleting a plugin after a few hours of playing I decided to restart my pc after disabling some apps on the startup tab on task manager, I hope you can help me with this, I also included my current log


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Okay sorry for not replying, my game is now fixed, @SpikeTerm, I don't know how I fixed it, I just reinstalled the game again and installed all my mods again, can I request to get this topic closed? thank you in advance

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