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YesAviation's W.I.P Thread

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There are a variety of emergency vehicle packs I want to make. So in order to actual show progress and get things done, I will be posting here for the fun of it to see what you guys like and the direction I should take this.

It should be noted that there are currently 252 vehicles that I want to do that cover all of the lightbars and the vehicles released. Then I want to do police department vehicles on top of that; after the police department vehicles, I want to do a couple of lore friendly versions to match the game. I am looking upwards to 400 vehicles.

While I plan to do a variety of them, I simply won't do 400. Even if I don't have a life, which I don't, that;'s just a lot and I have roughly 35 days remaining on my subscription to zmodeler. So enjoy all of my current works in process and tell me what you would like to see.





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