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Rage Plugin issue

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Hey all, I'm at a total loss of what to do here. 


I bought myself a Cyberpower pc last week since my old PC was totally outdated and I've been dying to play this mod. I did everything it says too, downloaded, extracted and installed the LSPDFR mod (manually), downloaded and  extracted the newest Rage plugin and I have the plugin in both the GTA 5 folder and the LSPDFR mod folder but I keep getting an error saying that the plugin hook must be installed in the game folder and that's its currently installed and working in the LSPDFR folder. It then says to reinstall Rage plugin for the GTA 5 file folder. I copied and pasted all the files that the Rage plugin readme said to copy and pasted them both in the game folder and the LSPDFR folder. And whenever I click on the Rage plugin for the GTA 5 folder it starts up without a problem and brings up GTA 5 but this mod doesn't show up. And when I click on the Rage file in the LSPDFR folder, that's when the error message pops up. 


I attached screenshots for both folders below, as well as the Rage log, I'm hoping you can see something that I can't. 








Thanks in advance! And I have the retail version of the game.

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6 minutes ago, MrNoLogic said:

going off your list of stuff you need script hook v that is different from rage plugin hook

I took a look at the list that he had in his directory, and he has ScriptHookV installed. The problem appears to be that your RPH files are in the LSPDFR folder. Here is what you should do to achieve a successful download of LSPDFR.

Step 1: Download LSPDFR, and Copy and paste all items to your GTA 5 Main Directory.
Step 2: Download RPH, and copy and paste all items to your GTA 5 Main Directory.
Step 3: Download ScriptHookV, and copy and paste the files, excluding the Native Trainer, to your main directory.


Disclaimer: Make sure you unzip all the files to a unzipped folder that you create on your desktop after downloading all the different mods.
For instance, make a new folder on your desktop and title it LSPDFR, then extract the files to the folder you just created. That will make some files available to use.

Best of Luck! 

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