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Crash Randomly

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I have some problems with my LSPDFR, and I need someone who really knows how it works and can tell me where I need to look to solve my problem. Here is my RagePluginHook log when it crashes.



[2018-11-13 18:20:38.757] [TRACE] Asked thread TrafficStop #1 to abort: API requested termination
[2018-11-13 18:20:38.759] [TRACE] Removing ped from TrafficStop #1 (GameplayMandatory)
[2018-11-13 18:20:38.762] [TRACE] TrafficStop #1 is aborting already
[2018-11-13 18:20:38.762] [TRACE] Instance cleaned (TrafficStop #1)
[2018-11-13 18:20:38.790] [TRACE] Thread TrafficStop #1 has been shut down
[2018-11-13 18:20:52.224] Removing options for Menu
[2018-11-13 18:21:03.949] Removing options for Menu
[2018-11-13 18:21:21.248] LSPD First Response: Creating RevEngineWhenStationary event
[2018-11-13 18:21:21.276] LSPD First Response: LSPDFR+ API adding new question to Traffic Stop - 2.
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.648] LSPD First Response: GetAudioFileForAction: No file found for: STREET_CLINTON_AVENUE
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.677] X:167 Y:365,25 Z:108,5938
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.705] [TRACE] Requested backup LocalPatrol in LosSantosCity
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.705] [TRACE] Creating unit LocalUnit
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.713] [TRACE] Created police2
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.726] [TRACE] New cop created s_m_y_cop_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.727] s_m_y_cop_01_black_full_02
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.727] s_m_y_cop_01_black_full_02
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.733] LSPD First Response: TaskCopRespondBackup::TaskCopRespondBackup
[2018-11-13 18:21:44.810] setting up new cop: null
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.933] X:-241 Y:419 Z:108
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.933] [TRACE] Requested backup StatePatrol in LosSantosCity
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.933] [TRACE] Creating unit StateUnit
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.934] [TRACE] Created policeb
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.934] [TRACE] New cop created s_m_y_hwaycop_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.935] s_m_y_hwaycop_01_white_full_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.935] s_m_y_hwaycop_01_white_full_02
[2018-11-13 18:21:45.939] LSPD First Response: TaskCopRespondBackup::TaskCopRespondBackup
[2018-11-13 18:21:46.339] setting up new cop: null
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.106] X:408,5 Y:365 Z:108,125
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.106] [TRACE] Requested backup LocalSWAT in LosSantosCity
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.106] [TRACE] Creating unit SwatTeam
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.107] [TRACE] Created policet
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.107] [TRACE] New cop created s_m_y_cop_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.108] s_m_y_cop_01_white_mini_02
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.108] s_m_y_cop_01_white_mini_02
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.110] LSPD First Response: TaskCopRespondBackup::TaskCopRespondBackup
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.112] [TRACE] New cop created s_m_y_cop_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.113] s_m_y_cop_01_white_mini_02
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.113] s_m_y_cop_01_white_full_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.113] LSPD First Response: TaskCopRespondBackup::TaskCopRespondBackup
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.115] [TRACE] New cop created s_m_y_cop_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.115] s_m_y_cop_01_black_mini_03
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.115] s_m_y_cop_01_black_full_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.116] LSPD First Response: TaskCopRespondBackup::TaskCopRespondBackup
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.117] [TRACE] New cop created s_m_y_cop_01
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.120] s_m_y_cop_01_white_mini_04
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.120] s_m_y_cop_01_white_mini_04
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.121] LSPD First Response: TaskCopRespondBackup::TaskCopRespondBackup
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.360] setting up new cop: null
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.360] setting up new cop: null
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.360] setting up new cop: null
[2018-11-13 18:21:47.360] setting up new cop: null
[2018-11-13 18:21:52.885] LSPD First Response: ALPRLite: Vehicle & Owner are dismissed
[2018-11-13 18:21:54.200] LSPD First Response: PlayAction: Failed to find UNIT_RESPONDING_DISPATCH, reverted to random voice


I have done all the updates, and check it with the Albo Troubleshooter and everything's allright.


Here's my GTA Folder and my Plugins Folder




If you need anything else, let me know. I'm new here too, if I did something wrong, let me know.


Thank you guys.

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Please upload your entire ragepluginhook.txt don't copy and paste it. 
You cut a small part of text from it not the whole thing.

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I did the substitution and didn't work. But I found my problem myself tho. So FYI, i'll tell you what was the problem.

The NativeTrainer. Don't tell me why, I can't tell. But I decided to try to remove this Trainer because sometimes it was crashing when I tried to do things with it.


Anyway, I played 3 hours with no crashes 😄


Thanks for the help tho, it's appreciated.

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Update: I deleted the NativeTrainer, and downloaded another Trainer. Weird as it is, the same problem occured. It seems to be a gun in particular because I noticed that it's when I'm trying to change the gun with my mouse wheel's. It crash everytime when I do that.

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