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Here's my order to install things - IS THERE A BETTER WAY?

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I have always been uncertain about the best order in which to install all the plugins, mods, callouts, etc..


Below is the list of the order in which I install everything. Is this okay? Or is there a better more efficient way?

  1. GTAV base game (from Steam)
  2. LSPDR Mod
  3. ScripthookV (latest)
  4. RagePluginHook (latest)
  5. Trainer Menu
  6. Modding DLC Pack V 
  7. Albo Plugins: Arrest Manager; LSPDFR Plus; PoliceSmartRadio; Traffic Policer
  8. Callout Mods: Assorted Callouts; Agency Callouts; Code 3 Callouts; Wilderness Callouts; Tacco Callouts; PeterU Callouts
  9. APLR Lite;
  10. Better EMS;
  11. ELS; RadianceV;
  12. Stickywheels
  13. On Scene Backup
  14. HeroCop
  15. Albo1125.Common.dll
  16. RAGENativeUI.dll
  17. RAGENativeUI.XML
  18. B.D.A. Audio


I highlighted the plugins that may have caused crashes or were being loaded when the game crashed to the desktop

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