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Unhandled exception occurred

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I am new to LSPDFR. Looking for support to rectify this "Unhandled exception occurred" issue. When I try to force duty, it get the error. So far, I tried have reinstalling scripthookV & rage hook, all plugins & Scripts. Nothing has helped. I still get the same message. My crash log is below. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks! 




CRASH LOG 11-11-18.txt

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36 minutes ago, Marlin2310 said:

Thanks Pavy! I did a system reboot after updating what you stated. All things working again! 

The reboot didn't solve the issue.
[11/11/2018 8:17:16 AM.053] LSPD First Response: WARNING! Plugin "LSPD First Response" was terminated because it caused the game to freeze (Freeze was caused by game fiber: Console Command Fiber For "ForceDuty").

It crashed because it took TOO long to load the plugins from lspdfr.

To avoid this error again

Open Rage Settings by holding Left shift for a few seconds after launching Rage OR Click The settings Icon when it launches.

In General>Plugin timeout threshold increase that to 20000

That gives the plugins 20 seconds to load.

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