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How to install the LCPDFR taser

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What you need to install the taser:
LCPDFR installed on your GTA IV
Spark IV Or Open IV
Download this(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-U2MA9pmx773NjwHLyNW8wm7T1QtaSSp)

How to install
1-Open Spark IV 
2-Click "browse"
3-Scroll down until you find "lcpdfr" 
4-Click on it
5-Click on "models.img"(2 times), There will be "lcpdfr_taser.wdr" and "lcpdfr_taser.wtd"
6-Select both and click on "export"
7-Select where you will put these files
8-When done, click in "lcpdfr_taser.wdr" and rename it to "w_eagle.wdr"
9-Now click in "lcpdfr_taser.wtd" and rename it to "w_eagle.wtd"
10-Now go to spark iv and scroll down until you find "cdimages" and click on it(2 times)
11-Now click in "import" and select the renamed taser files
12-Import them
13-Now scroll up until you find "data"
14-Click on it
15-Click in import
16-Select the downloaded files
17-Import them 
18-There will be the taser but you will not have the deagle in game anymore
20-Sorry for my grammar, i'm brazilian 😁

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I needed to add something

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