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Morgan Bateson

Stuck in car / freezed in vehicle

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I wondered if I can fix this someway.


I've just started using Computer+ and whenever I pullover a car if I check the computer, when I exit the computer I cannot exit my vehicle or drive away.

I have examined my log file but cannot find anything in particular that crashes. 


Usually it goes like this; signal stop, park behind, open Computer+, check related information about stopped car, exit computer, cannot get out anymore nor drive away.


Uploaded log file was today and it went like this:

- Tried to pullover taxi, this worked

- Signaled Taxi to "follow me" (to a safer place to work)

- Taxi got stuck behind a pole. Didn't work. Cancelled traffic stop. Drove away again.

- Same taxi drove away no longer stuck behind the pole.

- Pulled over same taxi.

- Taxi stopped, and I got out. 

- Asked driver ID

- Walked back to my car, got in

- Opened Computer+

- Checked car info

- Checked ped info

- Exited computer

- Could not move anymore, nor do anything.


While 'stuck' I can use my lights, siren, horn, go to the map, press F4 and do reload all plugins etc.


This time however, I got 'free' because I pressed Alt-F10. Dunno what is bound to that key lol, but my character stepped out of the vehicle and was free.


Plugins in use:

Police Smart Radio, ELS, Stop the Ped, Arrest Manager, Traffic Policer, Make Peds Calm Again, Play Location Display, Search Warrant, Computer+



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Thanks, I think that's the issue. But still unsure how to fix (which plugins causing this)


If I press RCTRL+0 on the numpad, and 'numlock' is on, I would get my computer+ window.

If I press RCTRL+0 on the numpad, and 'numlock' is off, it says 'Vehicle door locked'.


Now, if I have numlock on, I would get into my computer and not see the 'vehicle door locked' message at all. If I leave, the message is already gone I guess.


Now to figure out which plugin is using that key-combo.


I will re-assign Computer+ in the mean time. Thanks man. 

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