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SGT Hase

Trojan found in "Automatic Installer"!

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Hi there! So I'm brandnew to the game and wanna try this awesome mod of course. But just as I wanted to install it a few minutes ago with the "Automatic Installer" my Antivira gave alert and found three Trojans. 😲  Uhm, no offense, no critics,  but kindly asking what you guys think of that and if it was that so often named "false alert" that we all love so much !? If not I hereby warn you and inform. Nothing found in the "Manual Install" though. Thx for feedback and not shooting instantly me for just asking and giving feedback... but Trojans is always the moment I do give immediate response - "false alert" or not.  😉

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Second question concerning the mod (don't wanna make extra thread cos I don't expect answers anyway): I realize (XP user) that I cannot install Netframework 4.5 and therefore the mod will not run!? (getting "loading error" when game starts) !? Anyone knows more!?

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