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Request for a traffic stop plugin

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a plugin where when you pull over a person theres a chance they are off duty police officers/deputies/troopers/federal agents/firefighters/emts and they "show you an id" (just an additional notification that tells you their department and rank). For example if a cop pulled over another cop for speeding he would give them a break in real life. I think this would be a really cool addition and wanted to do this for a while but never figured out how to do it. 

Also it would be cool if the same thing could happen but instead of an off duty ID it was a courtesy card saying that the person is a family member or friend of an officer, I know in my department in  real life we are very lenient when it comes to people handing over courtesy cards but of course theres always officers discretion and that could play a cool part in LSPDFR.


Obviously people handing over Off duty ID's would have to be scripted to where they are not gang peds or have warrants. they can still be DUI or in possession of narcotics as there are shitbags in the real world police force but not too common.


If someone could create this It would be amazing and id love to help you make it.

thanks in advance !

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